Turning raw data into valuable and relevant information to optimize performance

B   The overwhelming amount and variety of existing and new data being generated in the life science world today is inconceivable. As this growth continues, so do the opportunities for organizations to use their data to create change that matters.
Due to its extensive experience in the Life Science Industry, from the manufacturing to the release of Pharma, Biotech and MedTech products, ATP-CGPharm Group is the ideal partner to help clients identify and capture the most value and meaningful insights from data and turn them into competitive advantages.

B   About us:

For more than 20 years, ATP-CGPharm has been supporting clients in the Life Science Industry with a broad range of services in GxP engineering, commissioning, qualification and validation, quality assurance, quality control, environmental monitoring, and data analytics.

Our international and multidisciplinary team with an extensive Know-how in the pharmaceutical industry and data analytics are working closely together during the different project steps to obtain the optimal results. The ATP-CGPharm Data Analytics team builds the bridge between business operations and IT and provides therefore the ideal complete solution for pharmaceutical organizations.

B   Our team


Experts from the Life Science Industry in the fields of:
- Engineering
- Manufacturing
- QA and QC
- Qualification
- Validation


Data Engineers
Extracts and cleans the raw data to build a sustainable data pipeline.


Data Scientists
Gains insights through analyzing and visualizing the data.

B   Our approach

B   Our services


Access and clean data from variable data sources and provide a sustainable data pipeline for future data analysis.


Building customized dashboards to visualize the performance and accelerate decision making.


We enable our clients to accelerate root cause analysis and optimization projects through deep dive in their data and find hidden patterns and relations.


Predictive Modelling allows our clients to predict future behaviors or outcomes by analyzing historical and current data.

B   If you perform your activities related to Data Analytics with internal resources, ATP-CGPharm Group can also support your teams through Furnishing of Qualified Staff (Staff Leasing) in the event of a one-off increase in activity or for the replacement of personnel temporarily absent.